Capstone2017 — CSC 495, Spring 2017

Sections... About ~ Ethics ~ First Half ~ The Project


Here's my First Handout. We are not a regular, old class.

We'll do a lot of communicating via Slack:

Here's our syllabus: Syllabus

Autism Awareness ribbon

And my best shot at a week-by-week schedule: Roadmap

The colors here are: red, blue, yellow, and light blue.
This color scheme comes from the Autism Awareness ribbon: It might be something we want to adopt for the project, eh. We'll see.


As a Noctrl LEV class, we have an ethics component. This will include some reading, discussing ethics in class, and writing and essay or three.

Our ethics textbook is: A Gift of Fire by Sara Baase,

Gift of Fire by Sara Baase

We'll cover these chapters:

  • Ch 1 ­ The Pace of Change
  • Ch 2 ­ Privacy
  • Ch 3 ­ Freedom of Speech
  • Ch 4 ­ Intellectual Property
  • Ch 6 ­ Work
  • Ch 9 ­ Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

We'll write 3 short ethics papers. Each essay will be worth 5% of your total grade. Go!

First Half

We have two BIG goals in our first 5 weeks.

  1. Complete the Rails Tutorial
  2. Do a screens UX demo for our users

Ruby on Rails

We'll learn Ruby on Rails by doing this (outstanding) tutorial:

My tutorial notes are here: Rails Tutorial Notes (gdoc)

Here's a summary of each chapter we covered in the tutorial.

Operation Dinner Out

I have coined our first half project efforts as Operation Dinner Out.

Commander Wiley: Operation Dinner Out is a go. Confirm?
Robert Redford: Correct. Dinner Out is a go.
- Spy Games,

Dinner Out will include the project's UX design, system architecture, tech research, and anything else we need to get to a successful screens demo in week 5. And don't worry... when we pick our real project name, we'll use that in the second half.

We did some core research as part of the project.

The end of Dinner Out is marked by our User Screens Demo. Huzzah!

Here's our demo handout: Quick Guide to the Dinner Out Screens Demo.

And onto the screens/pages...

Dinner Out Screens Demo

Dinner Out is a go.

thanks... yow, bill


The second half of Capstone2017 is the Project.
The Project is the second half of Capstone2017.

We are... GeoGem!


GeoGem login screen grab

A couple GeoGem rubies for you:

Owners. Teammates. Customer-philes.
Thanks to all for their creativity and positivity in this project.
thanks... yow, bill

GeoGem logo

Sprint #3

We start coding Mon May 22 and end Fri Jun 2 (?)

Important stuff for the home stretch:

Sprint #2

We start coding Mon May 8 and end Mon May 22.

This will be the most important 2 weeks of our project. Run faster!


Sprint #1

Development begins Mon Apr 24. Huzzah to that! These documents will guide us.

code... yow, bill