CSC 210

Data Structures and Algorithms

This is the (very simple) web page for CSC 210, Spring 2018 term. If you have questions, concerns, or (even better) ideas, please email me,

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Here are two very important pieces of information about our class:


My name is Bill Krieger. I'm a part-time Computer Science prof here at Noctrl, The best way to contact me is to 1) stop me in the hallway and say hello, or 2) send me an email,

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Office hours

My office hours this term are: Tu, Th after class from 4:00-5:30. For office hours, I'll usually just hangout in our classroom. If I'm not there, then check: room 113, the faculty smoking lounge, or the computers in room 154

Hey, this is really important! My scheduled office hours are not the only time I'm available to help you. Please email me and we'll work out a time to meet one-on-one. Thanks!


I'll stow my lecture notes and other class reference material here.

Week 1 Notes ~ Week 2 Notes ~
Week 3 Notes ~ Week 4 Notes ~ Week 5 Notes

Hash Table Lecture ~ Hash Table ADT ~
Stack, Queue ADT ~ Binary Search Tree ADT

Week 6 Notes ~ Week 7 Notes
Week 8 Notes ~ Week 9 Notes ~ Week 10 Notes

AVL rotations ~ Red Black Tree insertion

Lecture plan ~ Illini Snapshot

Here are some excellent online resources to supplement our textbook and lecture.

  • — visualization site created by David Galles at the University of San Francisco (definitely my fave!)

  • — website created "by Dr Steven Halim as a tool to help his students better understand data structures and algorithms"

  • information that every serious programmer needs to know about algorithms and data structures ...this online Algorithms textbook from Princeton profs Sedgewick and Wayne is excellent.

AVL rotations source:


Program #1 Wheel of Decision - software to randomly make important career and relationship choices

Program #2 GUI of Decision - decision-making, new and improved!

Program #3 Image Pal - image palette size and reduction

Program #4 Rect210 - rectangles run amok


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