CSC 495 Capstone Seminar

Sprint 2016 Term


Here's our syllabus.

You can follow the daily 495 action here: class schedule.

We use Slack ( ) to communicate and share documents.

As a Noctrl ACR course, we have an ethics component. Here's our Final Exam too: Final Exam. Our Final Exam essays included these cool references: Final Exam essay (cool) references.

I keep track of class progress in this long, flat README file: CSC 495 README.

Project Odyssey

Odyssey Login1.1 page

Old Stuff

Gray is old. Most of this is class prep stuff.

Here's a better, more complete class description: about. I have some tech notes on topics we will use in class: Ruby on Rails, git, UX, and agile. Even better, these notes are up on Slack.

Please read the appropriately-named things todo before our first class.

thanks... yow, bill