CSC 694 — Capstone Seminar

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Welcome to CSC 694!

This is a capstone class, so repeat after me: 694 is the project. The project is 694.

In the first half of class, we'll work with users to specify and design our project. We'll also learn some new tech, primarily Ruby on Rails. The second half means coding and delivering a high-quality product to our users. The key components to all this: ownership and teamwork.

As a Noctrl "jumbo" class, we meet once a week. (argh!) There's an "official" jumbo assignment before the first class. Like this one:

CSC 694 - first assignment

I'm excited to get going. Email me!

thanks... yow, bill

CSC 694 has an ethics component because it's a Noctrl ACR (All­ College Requirements) course:

Ethics Papers

You'll write three ethics papers this term. The first paper is due at the beginning of our first class. Details are below.


We’ll use this book as a starting point for our ethics discussions. It's pretty good.

A Gift of Fire by Sara Baase,

We'll cover these chapters (I think):

  • Ch 1 ­- The Pace of Change
  • Ch 2 -­ Privacy
  • Ch 3 ­- Freedom of Speech
  • Ch 4 ­- Intellectual Property
  • Ch 6 ­- Work
  • Ch 9 -­ Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

This tab includes research links for our project.

Ruby on Rails

We'll be coding in Ruby on Rails.

And here are our class notes from Hartl's (awesome) Rails tutorial:

Prof Bill and class prep

Some Prof Bill prep and research notes for class:

  • Research Notes - This is class prep. It's a flat file of notes on topics like { agile, git, Github, noctrl, Rails, Raiser's Edge, and UX}
  • Github for Dummies and Professors - my attempt to describe git and Github in a 1-page handout. Print it out!
  • Agile Notes - Agile is good. It's great for our small team.

Last term I taught CSC 495, the undergrad capstone class. These guys were in your shoes. They just answered a lot of the same questions you will seek to answer. So the Spring 495 work is an excellent resource for us:

During 694

Here are some research links we've added during this term. Most of these I pulled out of The Ryver. I'm collecting them here so they're easier to find.

Our #1 research tool will be each other. Viva le 694!

The project content is in reverse-chronological order.

Gift Garden V1.0!

Excellent! Here are your Gift Garden goodies (GGG):

Huge 694 thank yous to:

  • Thank you to our non profit partners: Turning Pointe and Sharing Connections. Your input and feedback on Gift Garden was invaluable!

  • Thank you to our awesome artist, Teresa B, for making Gift Garden beautiful.

  • Thank you to Janny G, Mistress of the Magic Wand, for her Photoshop help.

That's it.
thanks... yow, bill

Gift Garden logo1 Gift Garden

Sprint #3, The Final Sprint

Finish strong.

  • Start: Week 9, 6:30 pm on Tue Nov, 2016
  • End: Week 10, ???

Sprint #3 goodies:

Gift Garden - black and white Gift Garden

Sprint #2

Sprint #2. Half the calories. Twice the fun. And functionality!

  • Start: Week 7, 6:30 pm on Tue Oct 25, 2016
  • End: Week 9, 6:30 pm on Tue Nov 8, 2016

Here are the Sprint #2 goodies driving Sprint Dos.

Of course, check The Ryver for the latest, greatest on everything.

Gift Garden tulips Gift Garden

Sprint #1

Sprint #1. All hail Sprint #1!

  • Start: Week 5, 6:30 pm on Tue Oct 11, 2016
  • End: Week 7, 6:30 pm on Tue Oct 25, 2016

Here's a snapshot of design documents and other stuff driving Sprint #1:

Check The Ryver for assignments, schedules, issues...

694 is the Project

Project "Donna Donor" will be a donor database system for nonprofits. This is a bare-bones introduction.


A pulse... the first two Donna Donor demo screens:

Donna Donor demo (dead link)

thanks... yow, bill

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